Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back from Houston

As always, our crazy life continues!! I really want to make this short b/c we just got home from our 7 hour trip and I'm tired, but I really feel like I need to update.

Before we left for Houston, Alan had an MRI at our local hospital of his right knee. He has been hurting for about a month in this area. The report was possible mets in three areas around the knee or bone infarcts. Because of Alan's cancer, we felt like it was probably cancer. Our Dr.s in Houston had already viewed Alan's MRI before we arrived, so we were anxious about what their results would be.

Arrived in Houston Sunday, had scans Monday and saw Dr.s Tuesday. They confirmed Tuesday that it was cancer in the tibia and femur, but everything else in Alan's abdomen and chest were stable. That was weird to me that it would spread to the knee when everything else was stable, but whatever....we were waiting for the next step. The next step was going to be radiation to the knee. They set us up with the same Radiation Oncologist that did Alan's back last July. We saw Dr. Tae on Wednesday. After waiting, waiting and waiting a little longer, Dr. Tae did NOT think it was cancer but the bone infarcts. After consulting with 3 other radiologist, they also say bone infarcts. You're asking..."What's a bone infarct?" Basically it's when the bone does not get enough blood to that part of the bone and it dies. It looks basically the same as a tumor (apparently). So, back to Dr. Amato we go.

Amato was not completely satisfied with the bone infarct idea, but he went with it. He said without a biopsy, there was no way to be 100% sure, but hopefully it was the bone infarct. So, bone infarct...cancer...whatever it is very painful for Alan. We finally get his back doing better and now this!! CAN WE JUST GET A BREAK?!!

The Plan:
Alan is going to be off all of his chemos for 4 weeks. This will be 6 less pills for him a day. Dr. Amato is thinking that if it's the bone infarcts, then it is probably caused from the chemo (there is a reason for this....too long to get in to that). Anyway, since Alan's cancer has been stable for a while, Amato thinks these 4 weeks will be ok for Alan. We will go back to Houston in 4 weeks for a repeat MRI and regular scans. If Alan's pain in his knee gets better, then we know it's the bone infarcts and caused by the chemo. Alan will probably feel pretty good for the next few weeks....being off of his chemo. That will be a very nice change!!

Also, being off the chemo should help clear up Alan's blood clots in his lungs. The clots are still there and large. Amato was very concerned about these clots still being there.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, love and support!! Our rollercoaster ride continues, but we are just holding on and letting God steer this ride for us. "It might be a crazy life...but it's our life"....hahaha...I'm sorry, I couldn't resist! We watched Kate plus 8 last night. Ok, I'm delirious.