Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Houston Report

It's been a week since our last Houston trip. As always...sorry for taking so long to post. I still do not have my wireless hooked up at our new house (b/c I'm lazy and just have not called the phone company). I have looked up their phone # a couple of times and then start doing something else. O well....one day and I can get to work on the ole laptop again!!

Any who....our Dr. report was not what we were hoping for. The tumors in Alan's lungs have started increasing in size and there were also numerous new spots. So that means....our chemo combination is not working any more. The abdomen and other places are still stable, but not the lungs. Wednesday morning the hospital worked us in for Alan to have a biopsy of one of the spots in the lungs. I'm not going to go in to full detail, but lets just say it was more invasive than we were prepared for and apparently they hit an artery with the VERY large needle. Alan coughed up alot of blood afterwards. He told me later he was really beginning to hate that room. The room they did the biopsy with CT is also the room they did his Vertebroplasty in...neither one great experiences!! With this biopsy they will take it and do a Proteomics test which is where they work with the tissue and do basically different drug combinations or trials on the tissue and see what might work. This is the second time Alan has had this done on his tissue. And can I just add that insurance doesn't pay for this test. I'm not trying to have a poor pitiful me party, but dang....why would they not cover it??!! Why do I feel like insurance controls my life!!! Honestly, I don't even need to get on this subject!! Sorry...had a weak moment, lol.....we should hear something back in about 10 days from the Proteomics test and hopefully get Alan's new chemo started. Right now he is off all chemo so it will all get out of his system before he starts something new. PLEASE say a prayer for Alan. Mentally/Physically things are hard. We always try to keep a positive attitude, but you feel like you work soooo hard and then the blow!! Spiritually, we are great!! Yes, we questions this, but who wouldn't! We know God is in control though.
I guess that's about it! I do want to add this. Even though cancer is so bad, I have to say, it has brought some amazing people into our life. I have met people through my blog and facebook and it's always encouraging to read others stories and just to know you are not alone....esp. the ones that have a similar life to ours....young kids, disability, working full time, cancer....just trying to juggle it all. It's hard....maybe that's why I always look tired and my eyes are always red!! HA

Have a wonderful week!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Backyardigans

I love having a backyard where my kids are trapped and can't run around in the street...that was until I looked in the backyard and saw THIS!! You know how "The Backyardigans" are always on an adventure on their TV show, well, I see my kids enjoying many adventures in their backyard...starting with this one. I can only imagine what they were shooting at. Yes...I had to put a stop to the adventure....but I took pictures first. I'm sorry, but a 3 year old and 7 year old on top of a plastic house with wooden sticks is not very safe. I still don't know how Carson got up there! I'm sure there was some help from the 7 year old.
This was when I broke up the party!
Sorry, still no pictures of the house. I'm not ready to post yet. But here is the backyard, lol. That blue storage thing in the background is two story. The kids have already designated the upstairs as the new playhouse.
We are in Houston...waiting on Alan to get finished with his scans...which is the only reason I had a second to stop and post. Anyway, praying for good news and I'll post our report soon...I hope!
Have a wonderful week!