Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm so behind.....

...with updating my blog!!! How many times can I say this. I have just not found the time this past month to do any updating, so I'm making myself sit here and do this. It's not that I don't want to, it's just....there is just not enough time it seems. Unfortunately things like cleaning the kitchen, picking up the house, washing clothes....washing KIDs for that matter. These things must take priority! And then all of the other things play a big part like family, work....that kind of stuff...;-) Maybe one day I'll change my header so it won't say "Merry Christmas" for the rest of the year...HA!!

Ok, so since my last update, Alan and I have been back to Houston....February 7th and 8th. Alan only had a CT of the abdomen b/c we were checking his liver. The liver met had shrunk some and everything else we could see with that scan was still stable. Praise the Lord...some good news!!! The bad news was two of the drugs Alan is on is causing him a medically induced depression. It really doesn't matter what he takes to treat the depression, it's not going to help. This was disappointing news b/c right now we really want to be able to enjoy what Alan's treatment is doing and instead the side effects from the meds are making it worse. He is also having EXTREMELY bad abdominal cramping (from another medicine) and basically just feeling like crap....everyday! The weather is finally getting nice.....the time to get outside and be with family, but Alan doesn't feel good and just wants to be in bed. It's like you can't win for frustrating! Alan is tired of it. He NEVER complains, but lately, it's really getting to him. Seriously, if this was me that had cancer, I would be the worse patient!

Right now Alan is taking Interferon Injections daily, Nexavar, Thalidomide and Metformin....all to treat the cancer. All 4 of these drugs target the different areas that the cancer is at in his body. Honestly, can you imagine having to take all of these drugs daily....and this is just some of the meds Alan has to take. Alan is such a fighter. I know there are days he just wants "stop" everything, but he pushes on for his family b/c we really want him here with us.

Well, I guess that's about it. We are back in Houston March 7th and 8th for full scans. Praying everything continues to be stable or shrinking and this treatment continues to work. Praying for all of our kidney cancer friends and our cancer fighting friends. Having cancer in your face daily will really open your eyes up and you realize there are so many "non-important issues" people are complaining about and these people do not have a clue. I pray these people never have a "clue" b/c I would never ever want anyone to go through what we are, but people should understand that there is so much more going on in the world than.....well, anyway.....I'm sure you can guess where I'm going with this. I'm sorry, I get on my soap box. I guess b/c this my outlet and I vent to the world.

Also this month, we've had snow in SE Arkansas, I've started a new job (still with the same company), Sydney got Star Student, our twin nephews turned 2, Sydney had Kiddie Kamp, and I forgot Carson's snack day at Wee School (go me)! So, needless to's been a busy month and it's not over yet...HA!

God is Good...All the Time!
Praying for Miracles,