Friday, February 27, 2009

Houston Weekend

Yes, we are off to Houston for Alan's monthly test and scans. We will do our normal. Leave early Sunday morning and come back late Monday. Alan is working graveyards, so that means I will probably be driving the whole way there so he can sleep...Yikes!! Alan is doing pretty well. Side effects seem to be the same as normal. Nausea, fatigue and head and feet sores and of course, the white hair! Poor guy has blister like sores on the bottom of his feet and lets just say he is up on his feet alot due to his job and his feet are tender. He gets off of them as soon as he can when he gets home. They are pretty good to him at work and let him rest when he needs to. I will probably post again with Alan's results Tuesday. We just ask for prayers for our travels and for Alan's healing. I also ask for you to send prayers to other families going through difficult times. No, Alan's situation is not the best, but man, there are families loosing their children to cancer and I just can't imagine.
Thank you to everyone. We love you! God is good, all of the time!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Grant and Ethan Mixon!

AKA..."the boys" or "our nephews"! These precious little ones have made their arrival and we are all so excited. These pictures were taken this past Thursday and they have both improved so much since these pictures. I'm not going to go in to much detail about each ones situation b/c Kara has done an excellent job of that on her blog. Her blog is listed on my blog role, so hop on over there for more information and pictures. The boys had TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome) so they have had some complications, but seem to be improving every day. I just talked to Cookie and Rusty and they got to hold Grant today and at least touch Ethan.

Ethan and Uncle Alan.

Ethan and Aunt Melissa

Here is Michael showing us Ethan's hair.

Grant and Uncle Alan

The proud Aunt with Grant!

HELLO, are these last two pictures not the sweetest! He just reached up to me and was like"hold my hand Aunt Melissa"...ok, not really, but he was waving it around so of course I kind of put my hand up there and we had a bonding moment! I was like, "Alan, hurry...get the camera!" Priceless!!

The Twins Are Here!

I want to share with everyone that our twin nephews have arrived! Ethan and Grant Mixon were born this past Wednesday about 5 weeks early. Everyone is doing pretty well, but I'm sure you can imagine that being 5 weeks early means some complications. I have pictures to post, but you can also stay updated by visiting Kara and Michael's blog to the right or here. Kara will of course do a much better job of explaining everything.
Thanks for your prayers for the Mixon family!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Celebrate Good Times, Come On!"

Ok, that was a corny title for a post, but it just came to me so I went with it. This post is a celebration of Gigi's (my mom) birthday and Valentine parties. There are actually a few pictures of Carson in here too. Not great ones b/c this little son of mine will not look at the camera. Lets start with some Valentine Celebrations!
School party
This is the craft we did at Sydney's party. The kids made a card from their hand print.
Here is the gift that Alan and I had sent to school for Sydney. I bought all of the items to go in it including the two pink roses and I took them to Becky at Carlynne's (local interior business) and she put it all together for me and delivered it to the school. WOW...she did a great job. She went above and beyond and bought this cute pink bucket and painted Sydney's name on it and some flowers and put it all together just how I wanted. Remember her next time you want something special put together and delivered. She can do it!

Sydney and Alia.
On to the next celebration...Gigi's Birthday. Today is my moms %( Birthday, hehe...figure that one out. Poor Gigi, she had to cook her own birthday meal, but she said it was fine b/c she knew what she wanted....Mexican. She cooked it all except for the cheese dip. That came from Fiesta Linda's (local mexican restaurant). So, she and my granddad (aka Big George) went and picked up the cheese dip and then headed to a local business to pick up a gift. As they were getting back in the car, by mom said, "O NO"..., but it was too late. Big George had squashed the cheese dip and chips all over him and the car. Yep, it was a big ole mess! So, after a few laughs and paper towels, they headed back to Fiesta Linda's to get another order, and let me just say, they do not give this stuff away...that was until yesterday. My mom and BG went in and told them what had happened and they got so tickled at the story, that they gave my mom a large cheese dip for free. How nice was that!! Our whole family is well known there. We see these people alot.
Gigi, the kiddos and Big George

Sydney's Valentine gift from Alan and I. A tent is in the red box. Alan and I just put it together and yes we are still speaking! HA

Carson got another train and a few other items.

This last picture is just a random picture that I took. This is a normal around our house. Carson in the pirate hat toting around his shot gun (not real) that he got for Christmas. It was just funny! Obviously he is not happy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy V Day!

Happy (early) Valentine's Day everyone! These are the cards I made for the kiddos to pass out. Once again here is a picture of Sydney, but I do not have a good recent picture of Carson, so I made his card about something that reminded me of him...Kung Fu Panda, b/c he likes to kick and hit! HA Lets keep my KFP picture on the down low...don't tell Disney!!

Hope everyone has a special and happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 6, 2009

It's All About.....

but, isn't it usually. Maybe the next post will be all about Carson. Sydney is just at that age where she is active in alot of activities and Carson, well, he's just active.

First, let's talk about Sydney getting the Busy Bee Award at school. Man, what a shocker! We are all so proud of her. She really has done great this semester. We have gone from getting notes sent home the first week of school, to getting something out of the treasure box weekly and no notes. Major improvement! We were eating lunch with Sydney today and she said, "I'm about to explode....I'm so excited." It was too cute. One of Sydney's classmates said to Sydney, "Hey Sydney, your daddy's hair is white!" Alan and I got tickled about it. It didn't bother Sydney. She just looked at Alan and was like, "Yeah, I guess it is" and kept on eating her corn dog, lol.

Sydney and her friend Brady.

Gigi and Pops with Sydney

Nena and Papaw with Sydney.

Moving on to the next event...Upwards Cheerleading! This is Sydney's first year to do this, O and apparently mine too. Somehow Sarah and myself ended up volunteering to coach these girls. Long story. It's like high school all over again! HA Sorry, but I'm not demonstrating any jumps or kicks!

Sydney and Lainey in deep thought!

Sarah and I showing our coaching skills! hehehe

Next, the 100th Day of School! This was last week, but I never did a post on it. Sydney's shirt had 100 polka dots on it. I printed on those iron on sheets and then like an idiot cut out 100 polka dots to iron on Sydney's shirt.

Here is Sydney's poster with 100 bows. I tied all of these while traveling to Houston this last time. Lets just say it made the trip go by faster. I had a design in my head and it didn't quiet work out, so we made a butterfly out of the bows. Yes, another one of those, "what was I thinking moments!"

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I hope the weather is nice where ever you are!