Monday, June 13, 2011

Just Life!

As we are finally rounding up the busy months of April, May and soon June, I finally have a moment to do a blog update. I'm going to start this update with the beast....Cancer.

About 3 weeks ago Alan and I decided together that it was time to get off the Interferon and let him have his life back. This medicine had just completely taken over his life and the side effects were never slacking or getting any better. Even when he tried to take it every other day and off on the weekends, it just continued to to make Alan's mental and physical state deplete. We did discuss this with his Dr., but basically we just told him it was time to have some quality of life back. You can't fight cancer and be in the state of mind that Alan was daily. Alan really tried to fight through one can say he didn't. Anyway, it was just BAD. Like we told his Dr., we will NEVER give up, but we also have to have a life...esp. when you have a young just can't lay in the bed for 3+ days at a the dark. Alan is still taking the Thalidomide, Nexavar and Metformin. I think the Thalidomide and Nexavar are really causing some sluggishness and extreme tiredness in Alan....beside the heat! O lord, the heat. It's been pretty hot in the south. Anyway, we are back in Houston the last week of June. Please pray that Alan's scans still look ok....esp. since he is off the interferon.

So, recently we have had Sydney's birthday, finishing up softball, end of the year school awards. Sydney had all A's and B's (she finished the year with an 89 in Literacy, yeah, I was a little upset about this...I'm trying to get over it...she is an all A student. Maybe next year, but we were still very proud of her), and she also received a very nice trophy for not missing one day all school year. For our family and as much as Alan and I are gone and everything else....that's pretty dang good!! I was shocked. I guess all of those mornings dragging her out of the bed paid off. She was WAY more excited about that award than the all A's and B's....I was pretty proud myself! ha Alan and I took the kids fishing last week and today is the first day of VBS! No rest for the weary!! Hopefully my next post will be pictures of all of these things.

We are headed to the beach the first week in August. I CAN'T WAIT!!! We have tried to plan a beach trip for the past two summers and well, life kept continuing to get in the way, but this is the kids are super pumped....and so is their mama...the condo is booked!!! Alan just wanted somewhere with a good view and big balcony. ha Hopefully we will all be happy.

Wishing you all a wonderful day and praying for all of our cancer friends and KCW!!! Thank you everyone for your continued support and friendship! We are blessed!
I'd like to ask for prayers for two special friends that just had babies....Leigh Carter and Robin Robinson. Creed Carter is doing very well...I got to hold him for a while last night..hehe and Eli Robinson is still at Baptist in the NICU, but doing well.
Also, continue to pray for our precious nephew Cannon. He is still at Children's, but making great strides daily. We are hoping they will be home the first part of July! We love you!!!