Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Flu hit hard!

Sydney started with it last week, then I got it and now I think Carson has it. This flu stuff is bad and hangs around for a while too. I hope none of you have had to deal with it and if you have then I feel your pain. Thankfully Alan has not come down with it yet (knock on wood). He does not need to get this (no spleen). Anyway, have not had time to post anything lately, but I do have some funny bowling pictures from last weekend I would like to share. We'll see if it happens. Anyway, everyone hang in there through the "sick" season and God Bless!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our 2008 Book

I wanted to share our 2008 Photo Book with everyone. I finally got it finished up in January and got it in around the first part of February. I give these books as Christmas gifts to Alan's parents and my parents, but I was a little behind on getting it finished up this year...can't imagine why! They are awesome...I love creating them. This is a great item if you just don't have the time to scrapbook. I got alot of my templates from Smilebox and some I created myself. You can view the book via the link below. There are a few mistakes in my book, lol. I wonder if you can find them. Not that I want you to, but I'm sure a few of you will catch them quick! HA Enjoy

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Nephew Post

Just wanted to share a few pictures of the boys. Some picture are from last Tuesday (March 3rd) when Alan went to visit and some are from Saturday (the 7th) when I was able to go and visit. It was so great to see them. Alan actually was able to hold Grant and I got to hold Ethan and feed him, and then he spit up...it was great. Brought back some great memories of our own! Ha The boys seem to be doing pretty well this week and you can catch up on them by visiting The Mixon's blog. Thank you for your prayers for these sweet little babies. We pray for strength for Kara and Michael. They are already amazing parents!

I didn't get alot of pictures while I was there, but I got a great video of Michael changing Grant's diaper. haha
Ok, I think this is Grant.

I know this is Ethan b/c he has the feeding tube going through his mouth.

Alan and Grant

The whole family

Me feeding Ethan his yucky vitamin/milk. He didn't like it and neither did it!

Poor Sydney is about to go crazy that she can't see them yet. Pretty soon she will have three little boys chasing her around and driving her crazy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Houston Update

Back again from the 38 hour trip to and from Houston. The only good thing about this trip is that you can go 70 mph in Texas!!

Now for the Great News! Dr. Amato has compared all three of Alan's scans that he has had since he started seeing him in November. By comparing all of the scans, Dr. Amato can now get a better idea of what is no longer there and what is decreasing. We already knew that the two larger spots in Alan's lungs had decreased, but there were a few freckled size areas that we were still unsure about. It takes about three scans to know for sure b/c each time Alan has his scans done, he could possibly be breathing different and that would make each scan different, so we are now at a good place to compare scans. With all of that said, we know for sure that the freckled size spots are GONE and one of the larger spots is GONE and the other spot has decreased in size some more.!! Now, the spot around the renal vein...yes, that same ole spot. This time, Dr. Amato says post op. By looking at the first scans and now yesterday's, he says he really feels like it is just post op and it will be there forever...no tumor!! Can we just stick with that verdict please!! We can never know for sure due to the risk of doing a biopsy, but the mass has not changed since the last set of scans. He says post op, so that's what it is. I never want to talk about this spot again!! With all of this great news, of course we were extremely excited. I personally am trying to live in the "now" and not think about the future, but it is hard. I am so excited for Alan and this great news, but that question still lingers in the back of my mind..."will it come back?" We just pray that it will not.

Alan's next appointment in Houston is April 20th, so we have about an 8 week break.

Thank you lord for all of your power and for your healing hand. Our God is an awesome God! We pray for healing hearts for the ones that have lost family to such an awful disease and we pray for anyone facing difficult times. I thank God everyday that we have such amazing family and friends to pray for us daily and that care. What would we do without you and those prayers!

I want to ask anyone reading this blog to please support your local Relay For Life! Our Ashley County RFL will be held May 15th. You can get more information about this by visiting the website at: www.relayforlife.org/ashley

Prayers and Love To You All,