Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Flu hit hard!

Sydney started with it last week, then I got it and now I think Carson has it. This flu stuff is bad and hangs around for a while too. I hope none of you have had to deal with it and if you have then I feel your pain. Thankfully Alan has not come down with it yet (knock on wood). He does not need to get this (no spleen). Anyway, have not had time to post anything lately, but I do have some funny bowling pictures from last weekend I would like to share. We'll see if it happens. Anyway, everyone hang in there through the "sick" season and God Bless!

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Pennington Posts said...

Hey girl sorry you guys have been sick. Craig had it and then Avery got a light case and it passed right on by me thank GOD for that. Anyway will remember to pray that it passes Alan by too.
Craig has some kind of viral infection right now, running fever and in the bed.
Glad you and Sydney are better and I pray that Carson doesn't get it too bad.