Sunday, May 16, 2010

Relay For Life 2010

May could possibly be the busiest month of the year for our family. It might even be busier than December! We have birthdays, relay for life, teacher appreciation, end of the year events and softball. There are probably other events I'm forgetting, but these are standing out in my mind. We've already had Sydney's birthday party and hopefully I'll be a good mother and post those in the next post, but right now I want to talk about Relay For Life.
I can't even begin to tell how special this event is for our family. Last year was my first year to join the Relay For Life committee. This year I took on the same role on the committee but we also had our first team for Alan...."McCone's Marchers". Our team was comprised of many family members and wonderful friends that dedicated their time and energy to our team...O and many of them dedicated sleep deprivation and stayed at relay until the early morning hours. Our team sold BBQ and Roast Beef Sandwich plates, "Hope, Strength, Prayer" wristbands and we also did face painting. We had a couple of pre fundraisers as well. All in was a wonderful night and I hope that McCone's Marchers march every year at Relay and help raise money to find a cure for the diease that continues to take our friends and family away too soon. But, God is still Good...All the time!!
Thank you team members!!!! We couldn't and wouldn't have had the success without you and the help from our one and only God!! He made this all possible!
Alan stayed at relay until around 1am. He was a TROOPER!!! I know he was tired, but he was enjoying being around friends and seeing so many people. It was great. A quick Alan update. Alan's pain control is getting better and better. He is now able to sleep in the bed. It's wonderful!! He does have to use the walker, but that's long as the pain is better steps. This past week has been better for him and we give God all the glory for that!! Alan told me he had a few people come up to him at relay and they told him how inspiring he is to them. Just hearing people say that, makes the pain and suffering worth every minute. I promise does!
Ok, on to the pictures. I have so many more pictures and it was sooooo hard to pick which pictures to post. Some I even stole from friends on facebook b/c theirs were better...hehe.
I love this picture of Alan. Getting ready for the survivor lap. Alan did his in the golf cart.

This is Jeff Woods and Baker Coulter getting the survivor lap started. Jeff and Alan are good friends. If you follow my blog then you have read about Jeff. Baker is our we see him on a regular basis. haha

Getting our tent prepared.

Gary, Sarah, Susan and Me!!

Nena, Mason, Christian and Amber preparing our BBQ and Roast Beef sandwiches. My dad did all of the cooking and it was wonderful...of course!!

"Hope, Strength, Prayer" wristbands we sold in honor of Alan.

Here is the McCone's Marchers tent!

Alan, Michael and Gary

My dad.

Gary and Patty Higginbotham, Gigi (my mom) and Nena (Alan's mom)

Papaw, Carson and Aunt Kara

The Burfords. Brady (purple survivor shirt) is one of Sydney's friends. This little man is a trooper and inspiration to so many.

Trent and Alan

Kayla...aka "KK" and Travis. I don't know what we would do without our KK.

Trent and Christian.

Joanna and her paint brush. She was one of our face painters and a long time friend.

This is Holly. She and her family drove up from South Louisiana to help with Alan's team. She approached me months ago about getting a team together for Alan and I'm so thankful the got the ball rolling.

Anita and my mom.

Our nephews...Grant and Ethan. Look at that curly hair...yes, it was hot!!

Amber cutting the cake.

Sydney and guitar!!

Silly little boy!

Carson just thought he was going to blow out that luminary....I don't think so mister!!

Sydney painting Alan's face.

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