Friday, May 6, 2011

Houston Report...God continues to deliver miracles!

Alan and I returned Wednesday evening from Houston. Went through all the normal motions....blood work and scans Monday, wait 4 hours Tuesday for know...same old same old!!
Alan had another very good report. Still no visible signs on cancer in the lungs. There is a small spot on the liver and in the abdomen, but it's all continuing to get smaller!! Praise the Lord!! Seriously, after dealing with all of the ups and downs we have for the past 2 1/2 years, we will gladly take all of this good news. The only downside to the appointment was Alan's thyroid is all out of wack. He has Hypothyroidism, which is due to his chemo. Dr. Amato put him on some meds to hopefully control this. Since we just found out about Alan's thyroid issues, we are hoping that some of Alan's pain, etc he has been having might be due to his thyroid, so hopefully this new med will bring some needed changes. He will do blood work in a month to check the levels and go from there. Poor Alan is continuing to deal with the awful side effects of his chemo drugs. Some days are ok...other days...well, they just suck (that's about as nice as I can say)! We will return to Houston in 8 weeks...going through all the motions again. Dr. Amato did say that at the next 8 week appointment, he may decrease one of the meds that is causing Alan's medically induced depression. That would be wonderful. He also said that at the end of summer, he is going to have Alan do a PET scan. He said if there are no "hot spots" showing up, then he is going to possibly start tapering Alan off of some of his chemo!! This is MAJOR!!! Holy cow...scary, but exciting too. Anyway, we won't count those chickens before they hatch, but it's something to push for and most definitely pray for!

Dr. Amato said that out of all of his kidney cancer patients, Alan has the best "quality of life" if you can believe that. Apart from the side effects, I would say that Alan does have a better quality of life right now than from where we were last year. He has responed so well since January to this last treatment. Dr. Amato, whom is also a professior, is even writing papers about Alan. I mean...that's pretty impressive I think!

Please continue to pray for our little nephew Cannon. He is still in the hospital but gaining weight and doing very well. Christian's blog is on my blog roll.

Thank you all for your continuous prayers!

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