Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Holly Jolly Time....

Well, I decided that since I've blogged maybe...ummmm.....3 or 4 times this year (maybe.... I honestly didn't even look), I should end the year with one last blog. What better to blog about than Christmas.'s the most wonderful time of the year...right? It sure is for one BIG celebrate Jesus' birthday. It's so important to make your children understand the reason for this special day. We try so hard to make our kids understand, and for the most part they do (Sydney especially does)....although the 4 year old still ask "is that all?" as we are opening gifts...ughhh He is still learning, but he will get it.
How about a little Christmas decor'....
The ole Christmas Tree
This is my favorite tree out of the 4 I put up. This is a small tree from Old Milo Tree Farms. This is the first real tree I've ever had and I love it! I think I will make this a tradition for our sunroom.
The mantel.....nothing real special....a bunch of stuff
Yes, I know....our kids get way too much (this is just Santa), but Dave Ramsey would be happy to know that I save up all year for Christmas and pay all in cash. This is the one time I splurge. I love Christmas. The best part of this picture is the TV favorite!!!
Here's a close up of the best scene where the wife is snickering in the funny!! Will always be a classic. My mom gets me the newest "A Christmas Story" hallmark ornaments every year, so I have a pretty nice collection, but I forgot to take a picture.
Rabbit food for Thumper. Yes, Sydney also got a new bow she can hunt with.
Carson and Alan.
Sydney decked out in her new stuff and bike. Loving the hat.
Carson and his new bike. Looks like he is about to go hunt something...camo head to toe.
And last but not least, we lost a very special family member Friday. Our lab Bealle went to doggy heaven Friday. She was 12 years old and we have raised her from birth. I boohooed over her was so sad. Alan and his dad were just about to take her to the vet when I went to go check on her one more time and she was already gone. It was so hard to see her laying there just limp.....ughhhh....awful. Thank goodness Alan's dad was here. He and my dad dug a grave for her behind our house, so we can visit her anytime and she is close. We put flowers on her grave and we are going to hang one of the crosses that Alan makes on our fence. Any's not been the best Christmas weekend. We love you Bealle.
Well, I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and got every gift you asked for. Carson keeps saying "I guess I was on the nice list", so I hope you were all on the nice list too. It's been a long day/weekend and I'm pooped, but I wanted to do this last 2011 blog! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. O, we are headed to Houston in a week, so prayers are always welcomed.

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