Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Day to Remember!

The pictures we had made in Gulf Shores by Sam Whitt are up on his website. I'm soooo happy with these pictures! There are some really great pictures and of course a few silly ones. This is the first time since Carson was 6 months old that I have been able to get professional pictures of him without a runny nose. He is now 15 months old. He's got a few red marks on his face, of course, but we can fix that. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, but you know...I am the proud mom, LOL! I'm also excited that my parents were able to be there. If any of you know my dad, this was a big day, because he does not like to do pictures, but I'm glad he played along. Also, I would like to thank Nena, Alan's mom, for making Carson's jon jon. She did a great job and it was perfect! Thank you Nena.


Click on the link and then click on Enter Album. You can click on the first picture and then from there just click on the arrow on the top left of the picture.

Sam's website:

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Jenny Sipes said...

I love your pictures. They are so beautiful!!