Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The DVD Player!!

So, I 'm sure if you have read about our Gulf Shores trip, then you remember reading about my "Smoking" DVD player that I purchased a week before our trip. Just so happens that this DVD player is a non-refundable item. Sorry, but when something I just purchased starts smoking in my vehicle, it will be refunded. Anyway, I call the company ready for a fight and thankfully I got a lady that could speak English! She started the conversation off nice, so I continued to be nice as well. I told her exactly what happened and of course she says, "hold on please." I'm waiting and waiting and she gets back on the phone and says, "I see this is a non-refundable item, but because of the situation, I will refund your money to you and email you the shipping label." She also stated she was going to waive the "restocking fee" and I thought, I hope you are not planning on restocking this!! She was very nice to me, so I was very nice to her. I sent that sucker back last week with a sticky note attached to the bad screen labeled "FRIED"!! I will give 4 stars for good customer service though. They need to just take this DVD set off of the market. It is the AXION AXN-6079.

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