Saturday, November 8, 2008

Houston's Medical Center

Here are a few pictures I took of the Medical Center. This area is made up of 13 hospitals, 2 specialty institutions, 2 medical schools, 4 nursing schools and a few other health care related career areas. This places is on 1100 acres. It's huge. It looks like a downtown area in a large city, but as you can see, it's not downtown. There is a picture below of downtown Houston as well. The only areas we did not get to see was MD Anderson. It is not directly on the main street that most of the hospitals are located on, but we will defiantly check it out when we go back in December. I'll take a picture, lol. All of these pictures were taken inside, so there might be a little glare. Of course, these pictures do not do this place justice. There are still buildings behind these, but this is just the main street that I could get pictures from.

This is the sky walk that connects Memorial Hermann Hospital to MH Plaza. This is where I took most of these pictures.

I took this picture standing in the sky walk. Every building you see here is either a hospital or something I mentioned above. That very last building you see at the end in the middle is Texas Children's. It was huge!! I know it doesn't look like it in the pictures, but believe was huge. You can see all of the cranes on top of the buildings. This place is still growing.

Another picture taken from the sky walk. Most of these buildings are related to Methodist.

This is a side view of Memorial Hermann. I never did get a front view...very pretty though. This is also a very large hospital. We saw alot of air traffic coming to this hospital during our waiting.

This is downtown Houston. I took this picture from the 16th floor of Hermann Plaza while waiting for Alan to have scans done. This is a really neat city, but we just didn't get to check out any of the "attraction areas." By the time we had a day of walking waiting, scans, waiting, Dr. appt, waiting...waiting some more, we were worn out and just wanted to grab something to eat and crash.

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RADstitches said...

All that seems really neat.. but I hate big places like that! I don't like the LOST feeling that I get when I am there!