Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Work!

Alan is officially back at work after being off for 4 months. He started Sunday. I think we were all a little nervous and anxious about his first day back, but he had a good night and he really enjoyed being with his friends at work. Alan is still doing good with his meds. Side effects are pretty much the same as the first round. If you see Alan out and about, you might not recognize him...his mustache and gotee are white...yes Santa Claus white. His hair is starting to show some white also. We kept thinking it might fall out, but it hasn't, so I guess as long as he is on the Sutent, he will always have this white hair, lol. It's great! We can laugh about it. It's ok. I say it often and I'm saying it again...we have some amazing friends and family. Thank You for everything!


Kimberly said...

Dear Melisa,
I'm glad I ran into you at walmart in December. I'm glad to hear Alan is back at work. My sunday school class will be excited as well, they ask for a up date each week. One of the other children in my class received agood report about her grandpa is now cancer free after long treatments. A good report is always encouraging. We know God will continue to take good care of Alan and your family.
We love you and are keeping yall in our prayers.
p.s. I look forward to buying more bows for the summer.lol

Kim Bishop

Pennington Posts said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
We thank God continually
for the answered prayers for Alan. Roger gave the update to SMBC Sunday night about Alan being able to return to work, what a blessing
Love y'all and love the new pup, he's adorable.
Love and prayers,

Beth said...

OOOOOOOH that is wonderful! I bet him being back at work provides some much needed normalcy. :) I'm so happy things are going so well! Love you all!