Friday, February 6, 2009

It's All About.....

but, isn't it usually. Maybe the next post will be all about Carson. Sydney is just at that age where she is active in alot of activities and Carson, well, he's just active.

First, let's talk about Sydney getting the Busy Bee Award at school. Man, what a shocker! We are all so proud of her. She really has done great this semester. We have gone from getting notes sent home the first week of school, to getting something out of the treasure box weekly and no notes. Major improvement! We were eating lunch with Sydney today and she said, "I'm about to explode....I'm so excited." It was too cute. One of Sydney's classmates said to Sydney, "Hey Sydney, your daddy's hair is white!" Alan and I got tickled about it. It didn't bother Sydney. She just looked at Alan and was like, "Yeah, I guess it is" and kept on eating her corn dog, lol.

Sydney and her friend Brady.

Gigi and Pops with Sydney

Nena and Papaw with Sydney.

Moving on to the next event...Upwards Cheerleading! This is Sydney's first year to do this, O and apparently mine too. Somehow Sarah and myself ended up volunteering to coach these girls. Long story. It's like high school all over again! HA Sorry, but I'm not demonstrating any jumps or kicks!

Sydney and Lainey in deep thought!

Sarah and I showing our coaching skills! hehehe

Next, the 100th Day of School! This was last week, but I never did a post on it. Sydney's shirt had 100 polka dots on it. I printed on those iron on sheets and then like an idiot cut out 100 polka dots to iron on Sydney's shirt.

Here is Sydney's poster with 100 bows. I tied all of these while traveling to Houston this last time. Lets just say it made the trip go by faster. I had a design in my head and it didn't quiet work out, so we made a butterfly out of the bows. Yes, another one of those, "what was I thinking moments!"

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I hope the weather is nice where ever you are!


Pennington Posts said...

I don't even like to think what it's gonna be like for me this fall when Avery starts Kindergarten. Scary, afraid we might get some notes too.
She looks so cute in her little cheerleading uniform, her and Laney both.
And we actually say Sydney on the 100th day, Avery goes up there and works with Stacy Meeks for her fine motor skills. So Avery was tickled she got to see her.
If you guys get a chance you ought to bring the Syd and Carson by to look at all the little babies we have.
Hope you have a good weekend too.

Kami said...

Congratulations on your Busy Bee Award Sydney!!