Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Celebrate Good Times, Come On!"

Ok, that was a corny title for a post, but it just came to me so I went with it. This post is a celebration of Gigi's (my mom) birthday and Valentine parties. There are actually a few pictures of Carson in here too. Not great ones b/c this little son of mine will not look at the camera. Lets start with some Valentine Celebrations!
School party
This is the craft we did at Sydney's party. The kids made a card from their hand print.
Here is the gift that Alan and I had sent to school for Sydney. I bought all of the items to go in it including the two pink roses and I took them to Becky at Carlynne's (local interior business) and she put it all together for me and delivered it to the school. WOW...she did a great job. She went above and beyond and bought this cute pink bucket and painted Sydney's name on it and some flowers and put it all together just how I wanted. Remember her next time you want something special put together and delivered. She can do it!

Sydney and Alia.
On to the next celebration...Gigi's Birthday. Today is my moms %( Birthday, hehe...figure that one out. Poor Gigi, she had to cook her own birthday meal, but she said it was fine b/c she knew what she wanted....Mexican. She cooked it all except for the cheese dip. That came from Fiesta Linda's (local mexican restaurant). So, she and my granddad (aka Big George) went and picked up the cheese dip and then headed to a local business to pick up a gift. As they were getting back in the car, by mom said, "O NO"..., but it was too late. Big George had squashed the cheese dip and chips all over him and the car. Yep, it was a big ole mess! So, after a few laughs and paper towels, they headed back to Fiesta Linda's to get another order, and let me just say, they do not give this stuff away...that was until yesterday. My mom and BG went in and told them what had happened and they got so tickled at the story, that they gave my mom a large cheese dip for free. How nice was that!! Our whole family is well known there. We see these people alot.
Gigi, the kiddos and Big George

Sydney's Valentine gift from Alan and I. A tent is in the red box. Alan and I just put it together and yes we are still speaking! HA

Carson got another train and a few other items.

This last picture is just a random picture that I took. This is a normal around our house. Carson in the pirate hat toting around his shot gun (not real) that he got for Christmas. It was just funny! Obviously he is not happy.


Pennington Posts said...

love all the pics,
saw your mom and granddad in WalMart, wish I would have known it was her birthday, I would have told her.
The last pic of Carson is my fave, you just got to love that little face, he looks soooooo serious.
Hope you guys had a great Valentines.

Paul and Paula said...

Okay, I am LOVING that last picture of Carson! That is adorable...and I'm seeing it as an ad in his senior yearbook someday! LOL I also love the picture of Gigi and the kids where Gigi is smiling so big! Too bad I didn't have that one earlier in the week, right?! Grant was so happy to see a picture of "Gigi McCone" tonight! Love y'all...Happy V Day!

Ellie said...

the pictures are great! I can't believe how big Carson is getting! I love the pirate hat, and that look! Aren't little boys just the best :)