Thursday, April 2, 2009

Carson got a hair cut!

Finally a post dedicated just to Carson. Carson got his first hair cut. I said before he turned 2 (which is tomorrow) he would get his hair cut. Yesterday was the big day and I have to say that Aunt Christian did a great job and Carson did a great job himself sitting in my lap and being still. These pictures are from my phone. Yes, I forgot to bring my camera. What an awful mother I am. I did get some more pictures when we got home, but now my home PC has a virus so I can't download my pictures yet. And let me just say how ticked I am about my computer. These hackers need to get a real job!! April fools on me...ughhh!! Here are a few pictures and I'm going to be adding birthday party pictures soon, or whenever I get my computer back. O, BTW...we all finally got over the flu and Alan never got it!

The before picture. Man that kids hair is crazy! Carson's hair is curly although you can't really tell in this picture and he has a double crown.

The After...Carson and Aunt Christian. We were going for kind of that middle/spiked look. I told Alan if he had glasses then he would kind of look like that kid in Jerry Maguire, haha! He didn't really want to smile...he was ready to go!!

My little man turns 2 tomorrow. That's cRaZy!! He looks like a little boy and not a baby anymore.

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