Thursday, October 29, 2009

We partied in the USA with....

...Miley Cyrus in Little Rock this past weekend!!!! And not only that, we managed to become a VIP instead of sitting in our nosebleed/section 208!! Ok, well, we were not really VIP, but it sure felt like it. We ended up in the Coke suite with a friends in-laws. It was amazing...from the food to the free drinks, to the awesome seating for the girls. There is no way we could thank the James family for everything they did for us. We will never be able to take these girls to another concert in regular seating. Spoiled Rotten...all of us!! :-) It was wonderful in so many ways.
Lainey Taunton, Anna Claire Strebeck, Jenna Cate Roberts, Alia Jones, Laney Bolin, Sydney
The one time in Sydney's life she doesn't wear pink and everyone else does. I thought that was funny. We always like to keep it different! haha

The moms...eating the free food!! haha
Me and my girl.

Gary and Renae James with the girls. Thank you James Family for a wonderful night!!

The whole group. The picture is not very clear. Sorry.

Check out the video. Be sure to pause the music below on the playlist! Sorry about the blur at the end. Sydney was looking for her "flashlight"!

After our wonderful weekend, we came home to find out that one of our dogs had been run over. We have tried everything to prevent this from happening. Thankfully Alan's dad was here with him when it happened, so Rusty had to take care of it. We told Sydney he ran away.

Alan's parents stayed with him and Carson at our house so Sydney and I could enjoy our girl weekend. We also celebrated Alia and Anna Claire's birthday at Party Time Pizza. This place was great. It's like Chucky Cheese X's 10.

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