Friday, January 29, 2010

Bye Bye House!

Well, we are officially out of our house. We finished up everything this past weekend except for some large belongings in the back of the property. The ground is too wet to get to right now and with the way things are looking, it will be while before we can get back there to get them....ughhhh, rain, go away!! So, this post is dedicated to our house. It was a great house full of many memories, but we will start fresh in a different house, with new memories. Right now we are staying with Alan's parents. There is just not alot for sale at the moment and we do not just want to jump in to something. I have to say, the extra help has been pretty nice. I could not have better in-laws. I'm very blessed!! I thought I would include a few pictures in memory of our old house, =) .

I have a picture of the front of the house, but I'm guessing it is on my other computer, which at the moment is packed away.

I would like to say that we sold our house to a wonderful, loving, Godly family that have been through some difficult times themselves. Their house burned down last year and they have been renting for a while now. They are so excited about their new house and we are excited for them as well!

Syd's Room. We like pink, haha.

Carson's Room
Alan's room.

"Each day is a new beginning. Call it a clean slate, a fresh start, or simply a new dawn."

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