Sunday, February 14, 2010

My parents are 60!!

This year, my parents are both celebrating their 60th birthdays. My dad's birthday is January 23 and my mom's birthday is February actually. Last night Alan and I hosted a surprise birthday for them at the local Mexican restaurant. They really had no idea. It was so funny to see their expression when they walked in to a room full of their closest friends. Happy 60th Birthday gigi and pops....remember, you are no longer mom and dad!! haha We love you both dearly! Thanks for all you do for us too!

Joanna made this tile for my parents. I'm showing it b/c it looks so good. It is also sitting beside the cake, that I'm not posting pictures of, LOL. It was kind of a "gag" cake. It was funny and my parents loved it!


"Did you know about this?"

Alan and I did our "prom pose", LOL. That's why I'm laughing in the picture. He always has to do the prom pose whenever we have a photo moment. It's just funny to us.
Hope everyone has had a wonderful Valentine's Day!! XOXO

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