Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vertebroplasty...Round 2!

Well, we are off again next week to Houston. We will leave Sunday. Scans will be Monday and then we will meet with the Dr.s Tuesday. We found out a couple of weeks ago that Alan will be having the Vertebroplasty again. They can't inject more cement into the areas they did last time. They have fixed it the best they can. This time, the surgeon is going to put cement on the sides of the vertebrae for hopefully better stability. Looking at the picture below, you can pretty much see why Alan is in so much pain and does not have the best support in his lower back.
The picture above is what a normal spine should look like.
With Alan's consent, I have put this picture of his CT spine on here. The arrow is pointing to the areas where the cancer has eaten the bone away. This scan is after the first Vertebroplasty in December. The arrow is pointing to the vertebrae that is pretty much flat like a pancake. The surgeon was not able to help it much. The other one, right above it, is the other vertebrae the surgeon injected cement in also. Looking at the vertebrae above these, you can see what his should look like. Imagine looking at these scans before the Vertebroplasty and how you would feel seeing these vertebrae full of holes and chunks missing. Not a pleasant sight and makes you cringe. You can also see how his spine is now curved. It also appears his whole pelvic area is shifted.
OK, so I've probably given a little more descriptive detail than you really wanted to know, but I'm a detailed person and I want to know everything. I just thought it might help to show a picture so our readers can have a better understanding.
We should find out Tuesday when Alan's Vertebroplasty will be. It should be either Wednesday or Thursday of next week, so we will be in Houston all week. My dad is going to fly down Tuesday or Wednesday to be with us. PLEASE, PLEASE pray for Alan....and me. The last Vertebroplasty was not a pleasant experience for any of us. I pray Alan's scans show shrinkage with his tumors and I pray this procedure helps Alan so much that he is able to get off some of this pain meds!! Lots of prayers and always prayers for strength and healing!! Please say a prayer for my dad and Steve as they fly down to Houston. I'm a little nervous even though I trust Steve, but....I'm just sayin!! Also for Jeff and Lisa. They will be in Houston next week also. One big Crossett party.....I WISH!!!
Real quick, I want everyone to know that Alan is doing much better just within the last 3 weeks. He is able to get around without his walker and walking stick. We did have to increase his pain meds and he is on a steroid right now, but whatever...he is walking and playing with the kids. What a great gift from God!!
"For I am the Lord, who heals you."
Exodus 15:26

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