Sunday, April 4, 2010

Carson's 3rd Birthday

Well, we fit alot in in a long weekend. I'm going to start with Carson's 3rd birthday. There is a story behind this party, but lets just skip all of that and say we had a great "Lightening McQueen" birthday and Carson loved every minute of it. The weather plays a major part in my story. HA Easter pictures will come in another post. Thank you Jesus for sacrificing your life for all of ours. We had a fun Easter weekend praising God and being with family. I will also be doing an Alan update soon. Hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend praising our savior! Scroll down to my music and listen to Chris Tomlin's..."I Will Rise" that song!!

The Birthday boy!! Carson, you are so sweet and precious to us. We love you! I was trying to beat the rain, but the wind...omg....the wind. It was a crazy day, but the kids had fun playing at the park.

Thank you Beth for Carson's wonderful cake.

Joanna doing her talented work on my serving dishes. I made Bacon and Tomato dip for the adults...yum, was so good. Well, really the kids ate it just as much as the adults.

Hunting Easter eggs at the party.

The family picture. Sydney was holding the topper from Carson's cake on her head. That girl...she is so silly!!

Trying to get up those three fingers.

Gigi, Pops and the kids.

Me and my man.

KK and Carson. This is Carson's babysitter/second family. They are all wonderful to us. I'm not sure what kind of expression he has on his face. Sorry Kayla...we tried really hard for that good smile.
So, we had a full weekend and Carson opened presents, Friday, Saturday and Sunday...wheww....I'm tired!!

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