Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter In Arkansas

Easter in Arkansas this year meant if you walked outside or touched anything you would literally turn yellow/green with pollen. The pollen this year has been so bad. Sunday when we hunted Easter eggs, our legs were yellow....everything....YELLOW and GREEN. OK, enough about pollen. Here are a few Easter pictures of the kids.
Sydney was "patiently" waiting for Carson to return to hunt eggs.
See how green everything is. OK, my friends know I'm a ridiculous Twilight fan. When my SIL was taking these pictures I said "Ooooo, it looks like Forks, WA in the background, LOL!! (She too is just as much a Twlighter as I am, so naturally she knew exactly what I was talking about). I'm such a nerd, but I can't help it!! Back to the kids, I actually do like the background, plus these pictures were taken at Alan's parents house, so that is special to make these memories there.

Look at all the love!! HA They were tired of pictures and ready to find some eggs!!

Hopefully I will post Friday about Alan. I'm waiting to see how his epidural steroid injection goes Thursday. He had a steroid shot last Thursday and it didn't do anything. Just pray for him...pray for pain relief and healing. We will be heading back to Houston Sunday.

What an awesome God we serve. Jesus, you sacrificed your life for all of ours. How could we ever repay you except to follow and serve under your word the best we can. That doesn't seem like enough.

Love you all!!

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