Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Alan Update!

I know, it's been too long since I have updated about Alan. Life is crazy...all I'm saying!!

Alan has been off his chemo now for 6 weeks. Did I mention before how nervous we were about this....well, we still are. We will be heading to Houston this Sunday. Alan will have scans Monday and see Dr's. Tuesday. If you remember the main reason they took him off his chemo was to see if it would help the pain from the possible bone infarcts around his right knee....well, the pain is still there, so that's no good!! I'm just going to say next week will be very interesting. Another reason it will be interesting is b/c we are bringing the kids with us and my parents are coming too. Looks like Houston is going to be our vacation spot for the summer. We had a beach trip planned to the gulf, but thank you BP for destroying God's creation of beautiful beaches. Please pray for all of the families affected by this disaster. It's so sad. Anywho, Houston bound Sunday and hopefully we will have a good trip and the kids will have fun with the things I've planned....museums, aquariums, movies, maybe a circus....anything with AC...haha!!

Two weeks ago Alan started throwing up. It got worse through the night...that's all I'm going to say. Thursday we got him on Zofran and that helped and of course he had no energy. Friday I let his Dr.'s in Houston know what's been going on, so they went back and looked at his last three weeks of blood work and noticed that his hemoglobin and hematocrit have been dropping. Basically, he needed blood. I started calling him Edward (for my Twilight fans, lol). I have to make light of a situation when I can...ok!! ;-) He was in the hospital from Friday til Sunday morning receiving 3 units of blood and fluids. He felt great when he left that hospital two weeks ago, but his recent blood work is showing his counts are dropping again and he is feeling sooooo tired.....can't keep his eyes open tired. He is going to our local Dr. today for blood work, so he might end up in the hospital again. I pray not!! His Dr.'s in Houston want him to have and EGD to see if he might have an internal bleed somewhere. He is scheduled for that in Houston next week...possibly Thursday.

When Alan's Dr. took him off his chemo 6 weeks ago and said "You are going to feel so good and have so much energy!!" Well, we are still waiting for that day. Alan has been sooooo sluggish this entire time.

Just say a prayer for us that all goes well next week. Alan will have is regular CT (chest, abdomen, pelvis) and he will also have another MRI of his knee.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and try to stay cool!!
Love and Prayers!

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Leigh said...


Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of both you and Alan and your entire family. Wondering if Alan had his EGD and, if so, how did they turn out!

Know that you are loved and prayed for by folks who have never met you. You are so very special. Your love for the Lord, for your husband, and for your family shine through even in writing. I dislike very much that our paths have crossed due to this particular "common bond" that we share - the kidney cancer roller coaster - but I also feel truly blessed to have "met" you, if even only on line. Meeting you in person one day is definitely on my Bucket List. You and your family inspire me!

Bless you my friend ~ Leigh
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