Saturday, July 3, 2010

This one's for Sydney!!

Poor Sydney....I have not posted much of anything about her lately. I've been saying since May I was going to do a post for her, so while I'm sitting here (in the hospital with Alan, that can be the next post, but I will say he is doing better....his counts were low, had to get some blood), I'm doing a Sydney post. These are just pictures from the past few months

Softball 2010

Diamond Divas. We had a good softball season. Most of our girls should still be playing t-ball, but we all decided to move them up and they did so good with the pitching machine. They tied for 1st place!!

1st Place Divas!!!

Birthday Time

Sydney turned 7 in May. I swear we celebrated her birthday for a week. Anyway, here are some of the birthday girls parties.

They do love each other!!

I think this is cake #3.

Cake #2. Ok, I got Sydney a cupcake cake to take to her school. Stupid me forgot to put the candles on the cake and have the kids sing before I started passing out cupcakes, so Sydney fixed the problem and came up with this (above). That girl....she's so funny!! We lit the candles and I was waiting for this cupcake to blow up. It was pretty funny!

Regan (Sydney says this is her boyfriend.... WHAT???...I get tickled listening to her talk about boys...Alan thinks different...haha), and her very good friend Laney. Laney's birthday is just the day before Sydney's. You will see their party below.

This year Sydney celebrated her 7th birthday with her very good friend Laney. They shared a Build A Bear party and the kids had such a good time!!

Heading to Build A Bear!!

Two happy Birthday girls.

Silly, Silly
After Build A Bear, we headed to The Japanese Steakhouse. The kids loved it and were very entertained. It was fun...and yummy!!

The kids side.
The adult side...waiting for some grub!! yum yum

I loved Laney's expression. I think that fire was pretty impressive.

Cake #1!
Our crazy girl!! Wouldn't have her any other way.

Sydney got a rabbit for her birthday....among many other things. This is the penthouse her Papaw built for it. It's a pretty sweet house.

This is Thumper. She does kind of look like Thumper from Bambi, so....

End of the School Year!
This is Sydney's teacher Mrs. Smith on the last day of school. We love her and will greatly miss her next year.

Here is my girl with her all A's award...along with two of her very good friends, Julia and Laney.
Well, I guess that has Sydney caught up. She is a sweet, smart and crazy little girl.
We love you stinker!!!

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Leigh said...

I'm just now reading this update. Not sure how I got so behind. Loved reading all about Sydney! What a beautiful young lady. (My dad called me his "little stinker" too.) Funny! Anyway, how is Alan? How are you? Shoot me an email when you get a chance. Would love to hear from you. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers!

His Anchor Holds ~ Leigh