Monday, September 13, 2010

2 Years with "the C word"!! lucky can you be....two post in two days. I said I wasn't going to post again for a while, but I forgot to add this to my last post. I started to just add it to the bottom of the previous post, but deserved it's own posting.

August 31, 2008, Alan was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer....or "the C word" as we like to call it. The word Cancer is just too hard to say sometimes...most times actually. There is no way I could go in to full detail about everything that has happened or changed in our life, but if you follow my blog, then you pretty much know close to everything. It's been a very interesting journey to say the least. Although cancer is the devil and has put my husbands body through more pain than I thought humanly possible at times, it has also brought some amazing changes spiritually to our life. We are all much closer to God because of this and you know what...It Feels Good!! No, It Feels Great!!! How many times have we said, we don't know why Alan was chosen for this, but he was. We just make the best of it and push on and continue to show Alan how loved he is and encourage him to never give up.
On an uplifting note....Alan is doing really great right now. He is getting around so much better and hardly having to use his walker. Of course in my opinion, he should use it more, but he just wants to feel normal...I don't blame him. The normal issues with Sutent....tiredness and feet sores, but for the most part, doing great and enjoying life!
Love and Prayers

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