Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kindergarten Orientation!!

Well, I guess it is official...Sydney is a Kindergartener! We were able to meet Sydney's teacher Sunday at orientation...Mrs. Goodwin. I'm extremely excited about Sydney 1st teacher b/c I have known Mrs. Goodwin for many years and I know she will be a great teacher for Sydney.
Our orientation started out with the Principal, Mrs. Stephenson, welcoming everyone and from that point my ADD kicked in and I went to another world thinking about my baby girl going to "Big School". All I remember Mrs. Stephenson saying was "sign the 5 yellow sheets in the handbook and return them to the school". Everything else is a blur. We were finally dismissed to go visit with our new teacher and everyone pretty much ran out of that cafeteria to find where their children will be living for the next 9 months. We enter Sydney's classroom, eager and anxious, looking for her desk. We find her desk with her name across the top and an adorable animal print goodie bag from Mrs. Goodwin. I'm squatting down beside her as she is sitting at her new desk telling her to look at this and that and I immediately start to feel my body shaking and the anxiety is kicking in and the voice is trembling. It's official, I'm nervous and scared!! I seriously had to walk away before she noticed that I was about to loose it. The only other time I remember feeling like that was the day of my wedding. We do know a few other children in Sydney's class, but out of the 22 kids in her Wee School class, not one is in her Kindergarten class. That's strange to me. Sydney is such an outgoing child and I have no doubt that she will make new friends fast with her classmates and will probably be the class clown.
To all of the mommy's and daddy's taking their kids to Kindergarten...good luck and I will be thinking of you that day. We will all be strong for each other, LOL!!
To Mrs. Goodwin, please take care of my baby and I hope she does not get in trouble too much for talking, hehe. Is it ok if I stay and observe the first week...ok, just kidding, but you might have to kick me out the first day. Sydney we love you. You are a free glitter text and family website at

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