Sunday, August 24, 2008

My New Craft

I'm sure many of you know I'm the "Hair Bow Maker" and that is something I love to do, but I decided that I wanted to try a different craft. This all came to light when Sydney came home with her new classroom rules and at that moment, I knew that was something we would need to go over on a regular basis so I wanted the rules placed in sight at all times. (apparently we already need to go over them a little more). So, I got the bulletin board out that had been sitting in Sydney's closet forever to finally put it to good use. Looking at it, it was too plain, so I thought I would dress it up a little with some ribbon and other essentials that a bulletin board needs. Anyway, the pictures below show a few of my new creations. These are all birthday gifts that I have recently done for some of Sydney's friends and they seem to be a hit!
Yes, I am selling these and if you are interested, just let me know. I can do more or less with the design and I have just about every color of ribbon that you would want. I have not done one for a boys room yet, but I'm sure I can come up with something that will look boyish.
Anything that you see on the bulletin board is a push pin and can be placed where ever you would like. Notice the initials and feathers are all push cute for those girly girls!
Let me know if you have any questions!
Board Size: 17" X 23"

Colors on the above board are Brown Polka Dot, Lime Green Polka Dot, White & Hot Pink

Colors on the above board are Mystic Blue Polka Dot, Multi Polka Dot, Lime Green, Purple & Hot Pink

Colors on the above board are Zebra Print, Apple Green Polka Dot, Black & Hot Pink.

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Jenny Sipes said...

Very creative have great talent!! May have to get you to make me one for Jadyn Cooper