Sunday, September 21, 2008

7 Years of Marriage!

Monday, September 22nd will by our 7th Wedding Anniversary. I'm posting this today because I will not be here tomorrow. I'm heading back to Little Rock to be with Alan. Alan and I actually started dating in 1996, so technically we have been together 12 years. I think those first years are just as important as the marriage years! Obviously the picture is from our wedding day. Alan was pretty much pulling me down the aisle and I remember my shoe falling off. This was a great day full of fun and memories. I promise you this, I never thought we would be facing the difficulty our family has been thru these last 3 weeks on this day. You defiantly take life for granted. Alan, I love you so much. You are the best husband and father and are so strong. We've had some great memories together and there are still more to have.

Also, just want to let everyone know Alan is having a good weekend. They are not going to do the Small Bowel Series until Monday and we probably will not have those results until Tuesday. If things go the way they should, then we will hopefully be home Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed and say a few more prayers for us! I know I keep saying this, but we have some amazing friends and people that care about us. You guys are great and thanks for checking on us.


Kami said...

Glad to hear that Alan is feeling better and improving. I wish the both of you a wonderful day tomorrow...Happy Anniversary!!!

Pennington Posts said...

Oh how great Alan is having some good days. Hope you both have a great day together just celebrating each other. Happy 7th. Plans for now are to stop by when we touch down.
Love and Prayers.

Andra said...

Cant believe its been that long. I remember that fateful walk down the aisle. So glad to hear all the good news. Prayers are going up for you all.

Felicia said...

The girls and I have been praying for you guys every night! I am glad to know Alan is doing better and I hope you have a great anniversary!
Love-Felicia Toler

Andrea said...

Happy 7th Anniversary! Your entire family are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for emailing me to let us know about Alan. I'm so glad that he is having better days.

Carrie said...


Happy belated Anniversary!!
We hope that Alan is feeling better.We are still thinking yall.
We hope yall get to come home soon.


Beth said...

You guys looked so beautiful on your wedding day! WOW! Happy Anniversary and I'm So thankful to hear that Alan is home with his precious family!!!! love you guys!