Thursday, September 11, 2008

Alan's Room Information

Hello to all! I've been at this hospital all week and I just found out that the library has internet, so I can do a quick update. Alan is in a room, but not completely private although he is by himself. It is an in between ICU and a private room area. He just still needs a little extra care from a private nurse than what I can give him. That is fine with me b/c lord knows I'm not a nurse! Alan is still just real groggy, but feeling no pain. There is not much for me to add at the moment. Paula did a great job with the update. Thank you Paula! I would like to add that I think some people are somewhat confused about the tumor, but yes, it was cancerous, but the lympth node came back negative. The Dr. did not have to take any of the pancreas like we thought in the beginning. The tumor had started to grow up the vena cave like we thought, but the Dr.'s were able to remove all of that also. God has really answered some amazing prayers for us lately. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment. Now I know I can check any time during the day...or at least until 5pm. Thank you again to everyone for the calls, prayers, friendships. This has been an eye opening experience that I wish on no one!

Alan's room # is 682, but this might change this afternoon, or he might be in this room thru the night. Who knows. The nurse tells you one thing and then the Dr. tells you another. At least he can have visitors during anytime of the day. While he was in ICU he could only have visitors during certain times of the day and that was no fun for anyone.

Thanks again to everyone. Hopefully Alan will be able to talk on the phone soon and hear some familiar voices.
We love you,


Pennington Posts said...

Hey girl, oh such good news, I am in Chicago at my moms but I get on here and check for updates daily. Tell Alan I am thinking about him and praying for him, all of you. Love and prayers,

Beth said...

God Bless Your precious souls!!! This news is so worthy of praise! Thank God for the fabulous news about Alan's lymph node! Woohoo! God is good! You are on my mind and in my prayers. I love you guys! Stay strong and continue to lean on the Lord. {{{{Big Big Hugs}}} from the Murphy crew. :)

brandiw said...

Hey Melissa,
You guys are in our prayers. I'm so excited about the good news. God is good.