Saturday, October 4, 2008

Alan's Recent Dr. Appts...Not the Best of News!

Dr. Beck (Oncologist)

Alan and I visited with Dr. Beck Wednesday. The conversation started out with how Alan had been feeling since he got home. (I know I didn't really update on how Alan was doing when we got home, but he was hurting pretty bad for the first few days). Anyway, Alan was doing well and feeling pretty good, just still weak from loosing so much weight. I guess since this past Tuesday, Alan has been able to tolerate pretty much any type of food, so that has been good. Then the conversation went in to the type of therapy Dr. Beck wanted to put Alan on. Apparently there are not many meds for this type of cancer (1) b/c of Alan's age and he still has a long life to live and a family to raise, and (2) b/c the cancer had not spread all over his abdomen. Dr. Beck wanted to research some different meds for Alan. Next he wanted Alan to do a MRI of his brain and a CT of his chest, pelvis and abdomen. We were able to fit the MRI in Wednesday and the CT b/t appts on Thursday. So basically when we left Dr. Beck, we were still not sure what kind of treatment Alan will be doing, but we were to come back in about a week to talk about it more. Off to do the MRI we go.
Dr. Mooney (Urologist)
We had a great visit with Dr. Mooney Thursday morning. Basically just a check up. He felt good about Alan's progress since he had left the hospital and his incision was healing great. We also let him know that Dr. Beck had ordered the MRI and the CT. He was glad to know that was already being done. We got out of Dr. Mooney's office around 10am and Alan could not eat anything two hours before the CT which was scheduled for 12:00, so we went to a neat place and I took a few pictures of Alan. No, he was not excited about his photo shoot, lol.

After a few hours and no lunch, we are off to do the CT. We got that finished up and headed to see:

Dr. Pollock (the surgeon)

Basically the appt. with Dr. Pollock was just a check up to see how Alan was doing and he was doing pretty good, so that was also a short appt.

The Not So Great News!

So, we go and grab a late lunch at Buffalo Grill (the best hamburgers in Little Rock, not even kidding!) and then we head back to our home away from home to start to load up. Alan gets a call from Dr. Mooney and he said there was something abnormal looking on the CT scan around where the renal vein was that they removed. Dr. Mooney was thinking maybe it was a blood clot or an aneurysm. He said he could not imagine that it was a tumor growing back already. He wanted Alan to have an MRA done which is a test that checks the blood vessels, but we could not have it done until 3:15 Friday. Apparently they do not do these test until the afternoon. So, we stayed in LR on more night for this test. After the test was complete, we waited in the waiting room about 45 minutes waiting for the ladies up front to tell us we can leave, but that didn't happen. Instead the radiologist came out and when he did Alan and I both said at the same time "O NO". When "the man" comes out to talk to you, it can't be good news. So he pulls us to the side and says that it is defiantly not a blood clot or an aneurysm and that Dr. Mooney said we can go home and we just need to get in touch with Dr. Beck Monday. Nope, not a good enough answer! So, of course, we just point blank ask him, "Is the tumor growing back?" He beats around the bush a little and says" Yes, that's what it looks like." We were heartbroken and could not believe what we were hearing. Alan just had surgery 3 weeks ago and it is already growing back. Everyone felt so confident about Alan's surgery, but you just never know. Those cells are microscopic and you just can't tell if you get everything. We have no idea what is in store for next week. Alan will talk with Dr. Beck Monday and we will go from there. He might have to do a stronger form of therapy like chemo or radiation.

Remember us in your prayers. I just still can't believe this is happening to our family and to Alan. Thank you to everyone for the calls, the meals. I can't even tell you how much it means to us. O yeah, Alan is back at home with me and the kids. We are so excited that daddy is back with us.


Michelle said...

Melissa, I don't know if you'll remember me or not but I was Michelle Cantley (now Mills) and lived on Beech street when we were kids. Now are parents are neighbors again! I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what Alan and all of you are going through and am praying for you all.

Pennington Posts said...

Hey Y'all,
Craig told me Alan had called. It was so disappointing to here, I just know this means they will have to be a little more aggresive than originally planned. You know we are here, I want to help you guys in any way I can so just let me know anything I can do. We will continue to lift you up in our prayers and y'all just hang in there. Love you guys.

Pennington Posts said...

I do know how to spell, I meant hear. That's what my parents get for sending me to a private school!

RADstitches said...


Saw the Mister roaming around in Wal-Mart tonight all alone.. I was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? It was SO good to see him.. had to hug his neck of course and talk about our kids ( like awlays! ) And he told me the news. But, I can tell you that he is on a mission... I am going to email you. We are here for whatever you guys need! Remember that!


Popeatots said...

Hey sweetie. Paula updated me Friday night. I am SO SO sorry. I just wanted you to know that we would still be praying fervently for you guys. We know God has a plan and I pray that He will surround you with His strength and His peace. Please don't hesitate to call if you need anything. Love you guys.

Beth said...

Big Hugs to you all! I wanted you to know that Jim had the entire congregation praying over Alan Sunday night at his concert. We are praying for you daily. You guys are such beautiful people and I hope you know how much everyone loves you both. People always say what an incredible man Alan is and it's true. You guys are precious precious people and we love you so much! We will be praying over Alan's treatment and for it to be as comfortable and tolerable as possible. Big hugs to you!!! :)