Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall is for...

weenie/ marshmallow roasts and camp fires! This past Saturday Alan's parents had the church youth out to their house for some roasting. We took Sydney and Carson out a little early to have our own fun before the "big" kids arrived on the hayride. We roasted a few weenies and made S'mores. It was fun and relaxing, O...except for the part when Carson wanted to hop from one log to the next...the whole time! We took turns with that. We were still there when the youth arrived on the hayride and Sydney was totally eating it up! She got to hang out with the big kids for a little while.

O, look...there's Carson and Nena jumping from a log!

Sydney and Papaw roasting a weenie on a real stick. Us "city girls" used wire coat hangers, lol!

Still jumping and hopping from log to log!

I'm preparing my s'more and it was Goooood!! Nena is already eating hers.

Alan's getting his marshmallow ready.

Sydney striking a pose!

And look, we're still jumping!


RADstitches said...

What fun! Don't you just love the cooler weather... blue jeans and a long sleeve shirt.. nothing like it! Oh, or a smores either! LOL

Kami said...

I am glad to see everyone having fun...