Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Few Hair Bows!

I'm changing directions from my recent posts. We have had about a weeks break from Dr. appts. with Alan, so I thought I would share some recent hair bows. These 3 bows are special order bows made for someone, but I thought I would post pictures of them. Yes, I continue the hair bow business and still sell them at Carlynne's. I've got a new Crossett Eagles embroidery bow in the works and another new bow I'm going to start doing. Hopefully I will find time soon to post these pictures. I'm planning on taking a new stock of hair bows to Carlynne's tomorrow.

Please remember our family Thursday. We will travel to LR Wednesday night for Dr. appts. Thursday morning. We really have no idea what Thursday holds for us, but hopefully will come home with good spirits and good news.

Love and Prayers to All!

2.25" Apple Green w/ 1.5" Apple Polka layered on top

2.25" Shocking Pink w/ 7/8" Polka Dot layered on top

1.5" Brown w/ White Polka Dot