Saturday, August 15, 2009

Boom Boom Pow!

The other night the kids were "picking up" the living room and Sydney had her music playing on her IDog. Alan had downloaded her the Kids Bop version of "Boom Boom Pow", so as they are picking up... Carson is dancing (his favorite thing) and Sydney is practicing her flip. This is what I caught on video. I actually edited this video which I had NO IDEA I could do on my computer but figured it out. There were some parts I didn't want the world to look at, so I was pretty proud of myself! Anyway, this was funny. You know how you think your kids are the funniest of them all, well....
Please excuse my country voice!! LOL I can't stand to hear myself on video!!

(Scroll to the bottom to pause my music player before starting video)

We visited the High Delta Safari Park today in Delhi, LA. That was interesting and I have pictures I hope to post soon.

A quick update about Alan, we still have not heard about his new treatment. We were extremely disappointed Friday when we had not heard anything by the end of the week. Let's just say that we have alot of questions and our main one being, "Why is it taking so long!" As soon as we hear something, I will post on my blog. We will just continue to pray and we thank everyone of you from our heart that continues to pray for Alan!


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Pennington Posts said...

The video was too cute, and yes you sound just like a hick from back in the sticks just like the rest of us. I hear myself and think oh my gosh I sound so redneck. But....who cares. We live in LA right? So look at you go getting all technical, editing a video, so now can you come teach how to burn my vhs tapes onto a dvd, I have the machine but for the life of me I CAN NOT figure it out. It is still in one piece, I have refrained from chunking it so far, i do the counting thing and walk away.
So sorry the Houston folks aren't getting back to you with news, maybe you need to call them and say "HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM" we need answers. We need something. All we can do is pray that they are checking and double checking everything so that it will be right the first go round. That is my prayer, that when they do call and say the word GO, it will get the ball rolling for the healing process for Alan. I hope he has refrained from giving himself the Ivomec, he told me, he was about ready to tell them to try it, since it cures just about anything on the dogs. Just know we are praying for you guys and we love you dearly.