Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Appointment Postponed!

I forgot to update my blog about this, but we are still in Crossett. We found out last Friday that Alan's appt. for the 3rd was canceled. They are still working with his tumor block and getting his new treatment ready, so they told us to hold off until maybe later this week or hopefully early next week. Just waiting to hear from the Dr. office. We are very much ready to get him started on his new meds, but we were also glad to be able to be home a few extra days. It was great to be home this weekend and catch up on some house stuff and be with the kids. Alan is on disability right now, so he is not working and gets to enjoy alot of fun times with the kids. Disability has it's good points and bad points...:-). Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Thank you to our prayer warriors and also a BIG thank you to the ones that have brought us meals. That is such a blessing in sooooo many ways. I hope I can return the favor one day, but hopefully not for the same reason we are dealing with!!
Love and Prayers to you all!!

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Jill Sullivan said...

Just enjoy your time with those kids and the comforts of home (your own pillow, "real" towels, etc.), and rest in the fact that God's timing is always perfect! ~Jill