Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Fun!

Here are a few pictures from our little oasis in the woods! We have fought and fought with this pool all summer long. We drained it twice, the pump blew up and they do not have a pump anywhere between here and Houston (we checked), so I finally gave in and ordered one. I just didn't want to pay the shipping, but I had too if we wanted a clean/clear pool. So, finally we are able to enjoy it a little before school starts. These pictures are from last weekend. It's good for Alan to get in the pool to help relieve some of the back pain. Sydney has been wanting to go to the beach all summer long and that was just not going to happen this summer for many reasons. A little while ago I was outside...working on the pool...and Sydney said "we can pretend that we are at the beach and the pool is the ocean and our pee gravel can be the sand." I thought that was sweet that she would settle for our little intex pool as the beach. Then she said "and daddy can bring his 4-wheeler and ride those girls around!" I was like "WHAT!!!" It was funny. Alan got a kick out of that!

Different Note:
Still have not heard from the Dr. office on our next appt. I was praying we would hear something Friday, but nothing. I was disappointed. It's in Gods hands and we know that. Please continue to pray for Alan. His back is hurting him pretty bad these last 4 days. We are concerned, but again, it's in Gods hands.

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