Saturday, December 13, 2008

Southern and Sassy on

I wanted to show you guys my new ornaments I got for our family this year. I found these ladies, Susan and Casey, on Etsy. Their store, Southern and Sassy, is located on I knew when I saw what they had to offer, they were definitely what I was looking for. I love anything hand painted and they worked with me on all of the designs and my colors. Here are the finished products and I could not be any happier! This was pretty much the only new items I added to my Christmas collection this year, but this was all I needed... our yearly ornaments. I recommend these ladies to anyone that is looking for something hand painted. Please check out their store. They do amazing work!
So, I guess consider this my first addition to the "Tour of Homes", lol. Come on girls...are ya'll going to play this game with me??? :-)

***Pictures really do not do these ornaments justice***

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