Saturday, May 16, 2009

Houston Again!

Hello to all. Yes, this is the Houston weekend. We will be leaving Sunday morning and as far as we know returning late Monday. This trip represents kind of new chapter for Alan's journey with cancer. He has had his 4 weeks off the Sutent, so probalby next week or the weekend, he will be starting his new chemo meds. We have some other issues we will be dealing with while in Houston, but I'm not going to go in to detail at the moment b/c we need factual information first. Sorry, I know this is making you wonder what is going on. Please just keep praying for Alan. These last four weeks have been tough waiting for this appt. on Monday and just knowing and not knowing what is ahead of us.

I've posted a couple of pictures from our Relay 4 Life last night. It was an emotional night for many people. Alan was asked to fire the gun to start the Survivor Race and he also got to carry the tourch. I was able to help with the relay committee this year and I hope that I am able to help every year after this. We had a great time last night. Penny did a great job! I'll be posting more pictures of the relay when I get back next week and I'll also be posting on our relay website.

We Love You All!!


Pennington Posts said...

Hey girl, we will be praying continually. Craig got a new phone so he can actually read Alan's texts now. We are headed to Orange Beach in the morning but will be thinking of you guys. Please let us know what you find out in Houston.
In our hearts and prayers,
love, susan

Paul and Paula said...

Mel, I'm not even going to get into my prayers for you guys and I have already talked about that! We love y'all so much!!

How about that adorable picture of you all together?? I'm loving it!!! You look great in the pic, Mama! And...what about those adorable shirts the kids are wearing???? Wonder where those came from??? look great, too! :) Hang in there, friend! You're so tough, and you can do this!!!!