Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Alan Update

Alan has been on the Afinitor for about a week and a half now. The side effects have started to kick in such as fatigue, a few nose bleeds, a rash on different areas of his body and the major one at the moment are mouth sores. The mouth sores are pretty bad...you know, to the point that you don't even feel like eating. We had Dr. Malloy call him in a mouth wash and he thinks it has helped some. He is on this new diet, and has already lost some weight. He does not need to loose alot of weight, but b/t the diet and mouth sores, he has not been eating as much.

His back and leg are still bothering him quite a bit. So b/t having cancer and having to limp everywhere, he is not always my cheerful Alan. It's just hard and alot to deal with. I can tell when he does not feel good, although (like I told him), he can put on a good show, but I know different. His nurse in Houston and I emailed some yesterday and they were wanting to see Alan in Houston this week or next b/c of the mouth sores and a few other reasons, but we are going on our one and only family vacation this weekend (long weekend trip) and we are taking it!! Houston is just going to have to wait. I know that sounds weird, but we need this trip and the Dr. was ok with our decision. He said that if he gets worse next week, then he does want to see Alan sooner than the July 13th appointment.

So anyway, I guess that is about it. Thank you all for your support. Continue to pray for cancer patients...well, any patient for that matter. I don't know the statistics, but I can only imagine how many patients are diagnosed with some type of cancer daily. It's got to be overwhelming.

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