Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sydney's Kindergarten Graduation

Let's see, I'm about a week behind with this post. Sydney graduated from Kindergarten this year. WOW, what a year. I remember it being about a week after she started Kindergarten that we found out about Alan's cancer (sorry to throw that in there). That being said, she has had a tough year too with mommy and daddy being gone alot, but she did amazing dealing with it! She has grown so much this year. It's amazing what they learn in Kindergarten...I mean, she can read. I don't think we could read like they do when I was in Kindergarten. She made all A's. I'm so proud of all of her accomplishments.

We had her Birthday party yesterday and hopefully I'll post pictures soon. I mean, she's only been 6 for about a month now, but we were just now able to get her party taken care of. The kids had a blast!! Mario Brothers Theme, lol.
Update on Alan soon too. Side effects have kicked in...ughhh :-(!!!

We are just about to wrap up T-ball, so I'll have a post about that soon too. Man, I've got alot of posting to do. Now lets see if it all happens!!

End of school...Sydney and Mrs. Goodwin

We never got a family picture....great!!

Sydney and her friend Alia.

Sydney showing her graduation gift from Alan and I that Mrs. Amber made her. She loved it!!

Her class.

The girls...L-R Sydney, Alia, Anna Claire, Laney

back row...Jenna Cate, Julia, Chloe, Lainey


Pennington Posts said...

I can't believe our babies are already this old. I still remember when you joined SMBC and then I remember our Baby Dedication Day. Seems like just yesterday. Love the gradutaion pics, this time next year it will be little Miss Avery up there. Blows my mind. We really never truly understood what people meant when they said they GROW SO FAST! It is the absolute truth. Hope Alan's side effects are not to much to bear, I mean I know they are probably rotten but as long as he can tolerate them with God's help maybe this drug will jump in and do what the Sutent couldn't. When did our lives get so busy? We have got to slow down and smell the roses sometime...Can't wait till the next post, even though we don't see each other atleast we can keep up this way.
Love and prayers, Susan

Oh and tell Sydney I said congratulations on her K5 graduation and a late Happy Birthday.

Popeatots said...

Please tell Sydney congratulations for us! She looks so beautiful and so grown up in all the pics! :)
I'm so glad she liked the bracelet. I'm praying that you guys have a great week and that Alan's symptoms will subside very soon.