Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Camping at Maumelle State Park

So, the McCone family did a long weekend camping trip this past weekend. We stayed at Maumelle State Park which is actually about 5 miles outside of Little Rock and right on the Arkansas river. It was really pretty and a great camp ground. We stayed with Alan's parents in their new camper Friday night through Sunday night. Trent and Christian joined us and Kara, Michael and the babies joined us also. No, we did not all sleep in the camper. I'm sure you were thinking that.haha It was crazy at times, but it was nice to be with everyone.

Lets start with the camp ground area.

The neighborhood geese.

The AR river....O, and my kids!!

The river was right across from the camper. We were also just down from the Yacht Club so we got to watch alot of the large boats coming in and out. I picked out a few...big dreams!!

Speaking of Yachts, here are some tied up in the river by the only sandbar we saw. This picture was taken at the Pinnacle Mountain Visitor Center....about 3 miles from the camp ground. See the tractor at the bottom. Of course, Carson spotted that first!

Here is our "friendly" snapping turtle we found at the Visitor Center.

I'm not sure what this is, but it was pretty and blue. I'm sure it's rock at bottom. This is about as close to ocean colored water I will get to this year. This was also at the Visitor Center.

We did the Little Rock Zoo. It was hot and in my opinion, over priced. Did I mention is was hot. I'm not doing alot of zoo pictures. Sorry, lol!!

Hot kid #1!!

Hot kid #2!!

Alan and the kids on the carousal.

We ran in to Sydney's teacher, Mrs. Goodwin, and her daughter and husband at the zoo. They felt the same way we and tired!

Lets end the post with 4 adorable kids/babies. This is Grant.

And here is Ethan and Papaw!

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Pennington Posts said...

So glad you guys got to get away for a well needed and well deserved time away from it all. The pics are great. I know it was so nice all being together. And I know that Mamaw and Papaw were in heaven having all kids and grandkids there at the same time. We are supposed to go to the zoo in Aug, with the church kids, we may have to rethink this cause it will be even hotter then. And this momma don't like being hot unless it is by my choice. Glad you guys are back home safely. I have Sydney's bday, I am going to drop it by your work one day, just haven't made it that far yet.
Love y'all,