Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome to Mario World!

We finally had Sydney's birthday party! She wanted a Mario Brother's Theme. I know, how funny for a little girl, but her love is her Nintendo DS, so that is where this party idea came from. We had a great time and I hope the guest did too.

Sydney's invitation.

Sydney's Mario cake with a DS on top. I was so happy with her cake. Exactly what we wanted!

"Princess Peach" came to the party too!

I recommend a water slide for any birthday. The kids loved it. I rented this one here...Grinns And Giggles. They are in Hamburg and very reasonably priced and nice people. I did go down the slide...once. There is a picture of this, but not viewable on this blog...:-)!! Alan went a couple of times too. It really was fun...but cold!

Watch out people!! This is serious!

And there we have Sydney's Mario Birthday!

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Brett said...

lol! that's awesome!!!