Monday, July 27, 2009

The Last Treatment!

Alan had his last radiation treatment today! Everything went great and the Dr. was very pleased when Alan told him he could tell the pain has let up in his back. Dr. Tae told Alan that is a good sign that the radiation is working and hopefully we will not have to do surgery. The surgery is just so risky, so we are praying that it does not come to that.

We will still come back to Houston next Sunday and Alan will have scans Monday and our normal Dr. Amato visit. Dr. Tae did say today that we might not be able to see the full change of the tumor from the scans on Monday, but when Alan has his next scans (about a month from the 3rd), we should have a good indication of how much it has changed. We will see Dr. Tae then also. Still not sure what to expect on the 3rd. We are hoping that Alan will start his new chemo treatment then. I'm calling it his own personal "cocktail". It will be a mixture of chemo drugs just for Alan.

We will be heading home tomorrow. My dad joined us on this trip, so he and I are sharing the driving. We are going to meet up with Jeff and Lisa Woods this evening for dinner. Jeff is down here meeting a Dr. at MD Anderson. We are praying they find out something for Jeff's tumors. I know they are a little overwhelmed in the big city.

Anyway, just wanted to give everyone an update and just ask that you continue to pray for Alan. We are both ready to be home with our kids and get Sydney ready to start 1st grade...WOW!!! Anyway, that's a whole other post.
Love and Prayers to you all!


Pennington Posts said...

Great news on the relief of the pain. Gotta come up with a good name for his cocktail. Hope you had a wonderfu supper with the Woods. Do you ever stop and think why God sends certain people into our lives? I do.... May you guys be there to support and strenghten each other. Glad your dad went with you.
Love you guys, be careful on your drive home.

Melissa McCone said...

Please pray for Jeff and Lisa. They did not get good news in Houston. It appears that Jeff's tumors are cancerous and there are many in his abdominal area. Surgery it not an option for Jeff at the moment b/c of the size of the tumors. I know this news was shocking to them and we just pray that God has given their oncologist the wisdom to take care of Jeff.