Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quilts and Kiddie Kamp!

Lets start with Carson. Alan's Grandmother has made everyone in our family a quilt. And when I mean made, I mean made by hand and not with a sewing machine. They are wonderful and we treasure them. She recently brought Carson his and I wanted to share it with everyone. Can everyone say "Woooooo Pig Sooiee!!! She made Carson a Razorback quilt. He LOVES it!!

Next we have Sydney at Kiddie Kamp that our cheerleaders put on yearly. It's so funny to see Sydney out there and brings back the memories of me doing Kiddie Kamp when I was her age and also teaching it when I was a cheerleader. The good ole days!! HA Sydney had fun during the week, but I'm sure she worked on her teachers pretty hard, LOL. See the Eagle mascot...yep, Sydney attacked that poor little bird. I could see it in her eyes before she pounced. She kept hiding under her tail and would not leave her alone. It was pretty funny and not a surprise!

Jenna Cate, Sydney and Anna Claire

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Jill Sullivan said...

I remember when Hannah did Kiddie were probably one of the cheerleaders that taught her the cheers back then! She loved it! Looks like the same Eagle mascot suit, too! Your pictures are precious...You all remain in our daily prayers!!!