Sunday, April 5, 2009

We have a 2 year old!

This past Friday was Carson's 2nd birthday. Man how time flies...when you're having fun..right!?! LOL It just amazes me how different but similar Sydney and Carson are. He is definitely the "boy". He loves his trains, trucks and tractors ALOT!! His favorite word is "tractor". He will say that word 100 times in a joke! Since our town has this "endless" construction going on, Carson knows where all of the tractors are parked around town and he gets pretty upset if you do not drive by them so he can see them. It cracks me up. His birthday party theme was "Tractors" of course. Here are a few...ok alot of pictures from his party Saturday. We had a great time and thank you to all of our friends and family for helping to make his party special. It was also a beautiful day to celebrate his special day.

One early gift Carson got for his birthday was his first hair cut. The first three pictures are a few more of the new hair cut. It's amazing how much it changed his appearance.
Please excuse the mess in the back..:-)

It's party time!
Carson's birthday invitation. It cracks me up that it looks like he is driving the tractor.

These were the party favors...blow up hammers with some candy.

I love this picture of Alan and Carson. They both have the same expression.

Of course I had to get one of Sydney in there. Our little girl turns 6 next month.

This electric screwdriver came with a toy we got Carson. He has already tried to take apart every toy he got for his birthday...I'm in trouble!!

He got this tractor from Nena and Papaw and LOVES IT!!

Gigi and Pops gave him this tractor and he LOVES IT TOO!!

This is my granddad..."Big George". He slept through alot of the gift opening, lol. I don't know how he did it with kids everywhere. It was his nap time apparently and he was not going to miss it.
Here is big George's gift to Carson.

This is Carson's gift from Kayla, Gary and Patty Higgingbotham. We consider them Carson's second family. Kayla is Carson's babysitter and they have all helped us out soooo much this last year and half. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Gary and Kayla with Carson.

Tractors, Tractors and more tractors.

The gangs all here...well most of them. We had a few that were sick.

Summer and Ryder
Gavin pulling Carson. I think they are about 8 days apart in age.

Sydney and Parker. Kami, I don't know if you ever saw this or not. Yeah, they went all over the yard!! Look at those beautiful hair bows (hehe)....and little girls!

Janet got a little stuck leaving our house, so Alan Trent and my dad had to give her a little push. Sorry Janet, I just happen to have my camera in hand, lol.

And finally the family picture. I know, Carson was not looking, but it was either that or a picture of him crying, so I opted for this one.

See, I told you it was long. I just want to say what a wonderful family I have and I am so blessed! We have two beautiful, healthy kids. Just a few fun facts about Carson:

Favorite Word - Tractor

Favorite Food - I'll say pretzels, noodles and anything sweet. He is not my eater.

Favorite Drink - Chocolate Milk ("Choc")

Favorite Movies - Any Thomas the Train movie

Favorite Toy - small trains or tractors he can carry

Favorite Person - Sydney...he loves her...most of the time anyway.

Happy Birthday Carson!!


Kami said...

No, I was not aware that Parker was riding with Sydney...she looked like she was in capable hands though...We had a wonderful time at Carson's party.

Pennington Posts said...

Hard to believe I know, that precious one is already 2. We just didn't have a clue what an amazing journey we had embarked on just a short time ago. You truly are a beautiful family that God has blessed all of us with. And we are so thankful that we call you friends.