Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Jungle Book meets Madagascar!

So, Saturday the kids, Gigi (my mom) and I headed to Monroe to the Zoo. I have not been to this zoo since I was in that was ?? years ago. When we finally FOUND the Zoo, we had a blast. I think we saw everything except the Bald Eagle. I have to say if you go, be sure and do the boat ride. It was pretty neat. The kids really enjoyed it. Now, after the zoo...when Carson had his 30 minute nap and we tried to go and eat lunch...that was not fun for us or the other people at the restaurant. HA Lets just say my mom and I had many looks at each other as Carson cried pretty much the rest of the day. But besides that, it was ok. Besides the weather being perfect for an outing, we were also getting out of the house was so Alan could sleep in peace. He is working graveyards. Here are a few pictures.

Alot of the pictures of the animals were taken from the boat.
Have you ever seen a Pelican up close? They are huge!

A Lemar.
Sydney got to feed the giraffe a ice cream cone.

Here is the Peacock that Sydney and Carson chased. I got that on Video. The peacock made a "great escape" to the bushes. This wasn't his first chase.

The King!

The Jaguar. Hummm, no Tiger. I guess Crossett should feel pretty lucky. Now if we can just get that Tiger in a nicer enclosure like these guys have.
I guess I never got a picture of the zebras. Well, I could have posted more pictures of lizards, snakes and bats, but I figured this was enough. Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend with beautiful weather.

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