Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally...A Plan!

Alan finally got the call today around 3pm from the therapist that will be giving him his radiation. I guess around 1:00 today I started making phone calls trying to see if they had Alan's plan mapped out yet and this person told me to call that person and that person told me to call this person. It was crazy. One person told us it can take up to a week to get a plan worked up and that really upset us. Our Dr. and our nurse both told us Alan would have his first treatment this week, so we were both confused after that conversation, I mean, we want them to take as long as they need to, but when you are told by the Dr. you will start "this week", then that is the plan....right!! Anyway, I finally got in touch with Dr. Tae's nurse and about an hour later, we are scheduled. I really think they were still just working on the plan. Anyway, here is the schedule:
1st treatment, tomorrow at 11:30 am
2nd treatment, Monday @ 11 am
3rd treatment, Wednesday @ 11 am
4th treatment, Friday @ 8am
5th treatment, Monday @ 3pm

We will be in Houston through the weekend and all next week. We kicked around the idea of the kids coming, but we think it might be best if they just stay in AR. We plan to come home next Friday after Alan's treatment and will be home for the weekend and then will probably get up early Monday morning and drive down for his treatment. We are not sure how many days we will be here that last week. I'm sure Alan will have more scans and we will see Dr. Amato again.

Please, just pray, pray, pray that this works!!! It's just really hard right now. Is this a BAD dream, b/c I'm ready to wake up please! Our faith is still strong, but regardless, it's just hard. I'm not going to lie, Alan has had a tough time dealing with this news. I try to be strong for him and if you know me well, then you know I'm hard headed and not the most emotional person and I will have my moment of weakness, but right now, I want to and need to be strong for Alan. I can do that. It's in my blood!! ;-)

I want to mention a wonderful person by the name of Hannah Sullivan. This sweet child lost her battle with brain cancer not too long ago. I was and still am so inspired by her story. She was a blessing in so many ways. I can't imagine being so young and going through what she went through and still having the most amazing faith in God. Her mom Jill left a comment on my last post and I recommend that if you get a chance, check our her blog ( I have not had a chance to look at it yet (next on my list), but I'm sure it's wonderful and inspiring. They are a great family, although I've never met them, I can just tell. Wait, I take that back, Hannah's father was my Vice Principal when I was in High School. It's so strange how paths can cross again. Please remember this family in your prayers as well.

Anyway, God Bless and we love and thank you all for everything. Just lots of prayers.
I'll update hopefully tomorrow on the first treatment.

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Jill Sullivan said...

Hi Melissa,
I remember you from Crossett High School. Jill just shared your husband's story with me and my heart goes out to you and your family. We serve a mighty God, and He is faithful. Your husband and your family will be in my prayers.
Brad Sullivan