Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Tee Tee In The Potty"

That is the song we sing when we start the....dun, dun, dun...dreaded days of potty training! Yes, it has begun. Carson is potty training. He has been ready for a while, but I'M the one that has been putting it off. I just wasn't ready, but it's time. So, we started Sunday and I think he peed in the potty like 5 times in one hour, lol. He loved it when we all danced in a circle and sang "Tee Tee In The Potty!" and of course he got two smarties after each time. Sydney was like "How many times do we have to sing this song!" I said, "as many as it takes!" So of course we let him run around the house without a diaper. During that time, he peed on the Wack A Mole game, on his couch in his room and on the rug in the living room. I thought to myself, "O yeah, now I remember why I hate potty training so much!" Yesterday when I got home from work, we stripped him down and let him go. He did tee tee in the potty once and then did a #2 on the blanket in living room. I was thinking.."Come On!!, you've got to be kidding me!!" Alan cleaned that up and I cleaned Carson up and it was time for a bath...for the kid and the blanket, lol. He tee tee'd one more time before bed. He likes to stand up...it's very interesting..:-)! So anyway, wish us luck and if you have any suggestion for potty training a little boy, PLEASE pass them on!!

BTW, the picture I posted with this is not what we are training him with. I just think these urinals are the funniest thing, but who knows, I might resort to this. Anyway, it was a good laugh.


Sue W said...

We actually have a "Peter Potty." It did seem to get his interest in going. I honestly can't remember how much we used it. I do think it is better to try and train them to stand up. Carter never tee tee'd sitting down, mainly because that is what they were showing him at school. I bought him a cool little stool and that was how he did it. We actually paid Carter for using the potty. Crazy I know...but he was SO into money at that time that every time he would hold it and use the potty he got change to put in his piggy bank. If he did #2 then he got paper money. We did that for a little while and he was done.

Pennington Posts said...

So funny, I always think of that Movie Look Who's Talking Too, When Mikey thinks the potty is a monster and it talks to him and then when he does, they all do the Pee Pee in the Potty song, it's got one of those catchy little tunes that stick in your head forever. I can only imagine with a lil boy. Gotta be interesting.
You know Aver was pushing 3 before she actaully sealed the deal. I mean she could have done it long before that but didn't want to. And that is the thing they have got to want to. I bribed with getting her ears pierced and it worked overnight. Not that we still have pierced ears or anything since one came out and she would not let us put it back in so she wore one for a long time but then we just took it out too.
Good luck.

Melissa McCone said...

This Peter Potty thing is just sooooo funny to me! He still continues to want to stand. I might get the PP. I'm worried he's going to fall in the commode, lol. He does not want to tee tee in his small potty...just the big one. Hard headed!! O well, as long as it's in some type of potty!

Sue W said...

Carter didn't really use the Peter Potty thing too much and he definitely would not teetee sitting down. I bought him a little stool at walmart and he learned standing up. The only problem with them standing up is that their aim isn't always the greatest. I have a thing of Clorox wipes sitting on the back of the boys toilet right now because Carter can still have some issues with aim! GOOD LUCK!