Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still Waiting!

We are still waiting to hear when Alan is going to start his Radiation treatment. We never heard from the Dr. yesterday and I have already put a call in this morning. Hopefully we can get this going today. If Alan does start today and does not have treatment again until next Monday, we are probably going to come home for the weekend. We have also talked about the kids and family coming down here to stay, so that is still up in the air. There are so many things to do in Houston and the beach is just down the road, although I'm not sure how it looks since last years hurricanes. Anyway, so many things still up in the air. Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on our waiting game.

Also, a few other things:
Alan's Oncologist is with Memorial Hermann (located in the Medical Center), his Radiology Oncologist is with Methodist which is just across the street from MH. I know many people think we are at MD Anderson and I completely understand the thinking in that since MD is what you think of when you think Houston. Actually, our Dr. was at MD many years ago, but now he is the Director for the Memorial Hermann Oncology Department....yes, he's the man! They are building a new Oncology Dept. as we speak and it is huge! Can't wait to find my way around there.

One thing I forgot to mention and this is a little scary, but unbelievable at the same time. Alan's Rad. Oncologist told us the other day that if this was 6 years ago, then they would have told Alan to go home that there would be nothing else for them to do. I can't believe that....just 6 years ago. That's crazy to me. Thank goodness for good research and good Drs.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Love and Prayers!

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Jill Sullivan said...

Hi McCone Family...

Ashley Bolin sent me a link to your blog. She said that you had been praying for our daughter, Hannah, during her battle with brain cancer, and we will consider it a privilege to pray for you as well. We will definitely be following your story and keeping you lifted up before the throne!

In Him,
Brad, Jill & Bethany Sullivan