Saturday, July 11, 2009

Houston and Prayers!

So, July 13th is fast approaching. This will be Alan's first scans in about two months. I can't believe it's been that long. We are very anxious about this trip and praying that we see/hear grand results with the Afinitor. We are also praying for good results with his Pulmonary Function Test and his cholesterol test. He will also have these test done Monday after his scans. All I can say is this is a big day and PLEASE remember us in your prayers!! Alan is still dealing with many side effects the main ones being fatigue and the mouth sores. He is also still having MAJOR issues with his back. It's like when it rains it pours! I think mentally, we are exhausted from always worrying about something else hurting and why is that "certain spot" hurting or why didn't the Sutent work, is the Afinitor going to work, and so on, and so on! And then when you think about it, August 31st will be a year since we started this and that makes it even harder to think about everything. I remember that day so vividly. Why can't Alan be the one to just take the meds and that's it. Scan here and there and everything is clear. I'm praying and waiting for that day. I know I shouldn't ask "why", but it am....sue me. It's in Gods hands...I know that and that is why I have some type of peace with this.

I have a few other prayer request:

#1 My Dad!
My dad will be having a spot cut off his shoulder Monday. Yes, it is Melanoma. This is not the first time that he has had to have this done, but it's still skin cancer and scary!
#2 My Mom!
This week while my mom was helping my granddad clean up around his shop, she was bit by a brown recluse spider. I know...not good. Anyway, luckily she got to the Dr. pretty quick about it and he got her on some pretty strong meds. She has to keep her arm in a sling and not do much activity. As far as we know, my grandad was not bit.
#3 Jeff Woods
Jeff has been battling a certain type of brain tumor for about 10 years now. After many ups and downs with this battle, the tumors are now showing up in his liver. Jeff and Lisa will be traveling to MD Anderson in Houston to meet a new Dr. and hopefully give Jeff some other options to make these nasty tumors go away for good! Too bad we can't get appointment times together and all travel together! Jeff and Alan have been friends for a long time. We pray they find the right answer!

I know there are many others out there that need prayers, so just pray for anyone that comes to your mind, but at this moment, these are the ones that have come to mine! We will be getting back late Monday and hopefully I'll update my blog Tuesday with our news! If you're in my address book, be looking for the usual text, :-)!!
Love and prayers to you all!

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Pennington Posts said...

Found this in some reading,
Job (14:7) wrote about the hope he saw even in a felled tree. "If its roots are deep in the earth, at the first scent of water it will send forth new green shoots and grow again." I pray that Alan will be like that tree. Alan can do this. He can beat this. He can find strength of spirit and a resolute courage to fight this disease within him. Strength and courage like this look more like hope than anger and more like serenity than combativeness. The secret of this fight is to know the feeling of being rooted in the love of family, friends and our GOD. We are praying for both of you. We are praying that Alan can catch a scent of water. No matter what tomorrow might bring, We pray that today his new leaves will begin to sprout.

Love and prayers,